Our cultural camps comprise a trek along the Great South West Walk which winds around 3 National Parks, hardwood forests, the pristine Glenelg River, Aboriginal heritage sites, the mighty Southern Ocean, vast sand dunes, sandy bays, beaches, rugged cliffs and freshwater lakes. The aim of the camp is to build relationships, talk culture and pay homage to the Gunditjmara heritage. They are led by Richard Frankland MA – mentor, Cultural Safety trainer, musician, filmmaker and father.

gswwThe program is designed to educate and strengthen cultural knowledge of participants and help them develop respect for their identity. The young participants will be involved in the planning of cultural activities such as ceremony, dance, song and storytelling.  The youth will learn that ATSI Australians are not victims, not just survivors, but are achievers and contributors.

During these camps, participants will be introduced to a select group of ATSI men and women who have embraced their culture and who, through culturally safe pathways, have embraced the two worlds they now occupy.

“The youth will learn that ATSI Australians are not victims, not just survivors, but are achievers and contributors.”

The camps lead to the beginning of a pathway for their future life.  The youth will walk away from their week with a network of people whose assistance will be easily available to them over the next stage of their lives and into young adulthood, as well as an understanding of Cultural Safety and how to practice it. The group will also be introduced to youth industry practitioners such as local police, justice, education and health workers.

By engaging in this project our youth will have a boost in their cultural knowledge, confidence and self esteem.  They will learn about the proud cultural heritage that is their history, the achievements of our Peoples, along with the learning of new and innovative skills that will enable them to contribute to their communities and family.

“This program is designed to lead ATSI youth to doorways that can enhance their life choices and as such have a positive effect on the lives of those around them.”

Some of the highlights of the camp include:

  • Smoking ceremony.
  • Each section of the journey will be named after a Gunditjmara resistance fighter i.e. Cold Morning, Hissing Swan, Jupiter and Cocknose.
  • The known history, battles and method of resistance of each of these men will be taught as we journey.
  • Placing of plaques (where suitable and with appropriate permission).
  • Learning the art of Kanang Wang (Deep Listening).
  • Learning and practising ‘The Koorreen Principles.”
  • Traditional dance and talk will be conducted each night.

The youth will be introduced to:

  • A support network that they will able to utilise after the program and for the foreseeable future.
  • The idea that they can get an education they have only dreamed about.
  • Career paths that they had not dared to dream about.

Our camps can be booked for two days to one week. To book a Camp, please contact us via this website or phone Debra Craib at Koorreen Enterprises on 0435 815 301.