“Koorreen’s mission is to strengthen community, to entertain and to educate”

Richard J Frankland

Richard J Frankland (Photo by Bindi Cole)

Koorreen Enterprises is the brainchild of Richard J Frankland – musician, author, poet, and film maker. Koorreen Enterprises encompasses a range of training services for government and non-government organisations in the interest of better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through optimised relationships within and between cultures. Richard designs and delivers customised workshops and community healing programs that can provide any group, organisation or workplace with the tools for living and working together harmoniously. Underpinning every workshop or speaking engagement are the professional standards set by Koorreen Enterprises, namely The Koorreen Principles©.

After making his mark on the world stage with his documentaries, films, plays, poetry, music and books, Richard is now turning his attention to education and healing work in any group, community or organisation requiring support, training and hope for a better future.

Communities and training facilities have the opportunity to avail themselves of Richard’s vast experience and renowned artistic talents as he facilitates insightful and entertaining workshops which are designed to empower community with the tools they need to live a better life.

Koorreen Enterprises is also a film and stage production company,  a recording and distribution company and produces cultural resources and programs for schools based on Richard’s work.

The Kooreen Principles© – listen, learn, respect, honour, show integrity, have compassion and show courage - allow us to achieve excellence in delivering services to our clients.