Cultural Awareness workshops address the issue of lack of knowledge in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia. It addresses the issue of the ‘cultural abyss’ which divides Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures. It also enables participants to consider matters of culture, national identity and discrimination in ways they may not have previously done so.

We design workshops that cater to specific industries with a range of topics such as:

  • Legislative history
  • Suppression of the Aboriginal Voice
  • Bridging the cultural abyss
  • Aboriginal service men and women
  • Lateral Violence
  • Royal Commission into Aboriginal Desths in Custody
  • Aboriginal culture

Those who may benefit from this workshop include prison officers, teachers, health professionals, government departments, mining companies and corporate organisations.

The following comments came from participants of our Cultural Awareness workshops held at Brauer College in December, 2011:

“I have learnt that what has been and is occurring with some indigenous students & families is not personal but about cultural safety for all of us.  This has given me an awareness of issues I was not aware of and has helped me personally”


“I learnt how much I didn’t really know about the Aboriginal / Koorie Culture”


“I now have a way forward as I hadn’t before”


“Presented in a very non-threatening way which avoided people feeling the need to be defensive of white attitudes.  Anecdotal approach made it more immediate / personal.”


To book a Cultural Awareness workshop for your organisation, please contact us via this website or phone Debra Craib at Koorreen Enterprises on 0435 815 301.