Koorreen Enterprises specialises in delivering workshops to counteract Lateral Violence which is endemic in Indigenous communities.  Lateral violence occurs when a community implodes on itself through destructive behaviours like gossip, backstabbing, emotional, spiritual and physical violence.

Such internal community violence soon becomes external community violence playing itself out against other cultures.

Lateral Violence engenders itself when a community feels oppressed, displaced, unsafe and without safe frameworks for direction.

[Lateral violence] comes from being colonised, invaded. It comes from being told you are worthless and treated as being worthless for a long period of time. Naturally you don’t want to be at the bottom of the pecking order, so you turn on your own.

-Richard J Frankland

Lateral Healing is a community awareness workshop designed to counteract Lateral Violence and restore harmonious relationships. It targets Indigenous communities which are under extreme social pressures.

The Lateral Healing program adopts a train the trainer approach, enabling community workers to take these skills and tools back into their communities for sharing and future growth. The aim is to educate communities for the prevention and spread of Lateral Violence and the promotion of Cultural Safety.

The workshops are delivered by Richard J Frankland MA, one of Australia’s most noted Aboriginal figures and a proud Gunditjmara man. In addition to his many artistic talents, (Richard is an experienced singer/songwriter, author, poet and film maker) he is making his mark as an educator and facilitator. With his Lateral Healing program, Richard is making healing for Indigenous communities not only a priority but a real possibility.

To book a Lateral Violence workshop contact us via this website or phone Debra Craib at Koorreen Enterprises on 0435 815 301.

¬†”…we live with fear and trepidation, rage and anger, loss and grief….This is the worst disease…we must stop it with love.”

-Richard J Frankland