Lateral violence is endemic throughout Indigenous communities throughout the world. It is a hangover from Colonisation. It is debilitating and operates on our fears, our rage, our anger and our distrust. It promotes violence whether emotional, spiritual or physical.

“Lateral violence is cultural suidcide. When we practice lateral violence we are committing cultural genocide on ourselves.”

-Community member, Shepparton Lateral Violence workshop

Healing Lateral Violence

The Lateral Healing workshop is a combination of collective therapy and cultural safety. It defines culture and cultural safety as a place where one feels safe to participate in and express culture without fear, ridicule or harsh judgement.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Cultural platform
  • Cultural safety frameworks
  • Cultural resilience and resistance
  • Re-authoring our stories
  • Externalising the problem

Lateral Healing workshops are designed for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities and the medical, legal, government and education sectors. Participants will be able to see through doorways they may not have perviously considered and will be able to create, develop and implement policy to enable cultural safety frameworks. They will also gain the ability to to engage in broader Aboriginal affairs such as government agencies, organisations and communities.

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To book a Lateral Healing workshop, please contact us via this website or phone Debra Craib at Koorreen Enterprises on 0435 815 301.